Our church has had an effective Senior Ministry today because those who are advanced in years laid the groundwork, shaping their activities as their needs changed over time. Our older adult activities have included potlucks with special themes and speakers, and the occasional outing. Although the oldest of our older adults are decreasing in number, as many have gone to be with the Lord, those remaining continue in His service.  We support one another in prayer, encouragement, and mutual assistance.  And several are regularly involved with our Nursing Home Ministry at Spring Meadows Assisted Living and Meadow Park Care Center each Sunday.

The later years of life can be lonely ones, as children move away and loved ones pass on. At Sunset Park, you’ll find a warm and accepting group of older adults to share this stage of the journey. Come join us!

And those of you newer, younger, ‘Over 50’s’, come help get another generation of oldsters connected. Spend time getting to know each other in whatever way deepens those relationships.


More information on our single ladies’ fellowship group, “P&L”.