Sunset Park Community Church of God is affiliated with the international movement known as the Church of God Reformation Movement (Anderson, IN) which began in the mid-western United States around 1880. We are undenominational and nonsectarian.

Basic Beliefs…
• We believe the Bible is the inspired written word of God in all matters of faith and practice.
• We believe in the one eternally triune God—Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
• We believe in the full humanity and full divinity of Jesus Christ.
• We believe there is salvation only through faith in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.
• We believe in personal salvation as the way into the church.
• We believe Jesus ascended into heaven and sits at His Father’s right hand and He will come again at the end of the age to judge the living and the dead.
• We believe in one (universal), holy church.
• We believe in the fellowship of all believers, the forgiveness of sin through Jesus’ shed blood, the resurrection of the body of the living and the dead when Christ returns, and life everlasting.

It is our prayer not to be incidental in our communities, the whole Christian church and the world, but to impact them by living together in such a way that we are reflective of the values of the Kingdom of God on this earth as it is in heaven.

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